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Model Railroad Popularity

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My 11 year old son has a school assignment, speaking on the popularity of model railroading. I have been able to find a number of articles on the history of model railroading, including the first model railroad in the early 1800's and the powerhouse of Germany in model railroading pre-WWI.
If anyone has information which can provide an insight into the popularity of the hobby, I would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks for any informaiton which you can provide.
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It's difficult to informally gauge the popularity of model trains.

If you look at the growth of product availability in all scales over the last 10 years (or so), there must be some people buying this stuff. Unfortunately I have no numbers to support it.

It may depend on where you live. Some areas may not have a club or store that drives the interest. Other areas may have them.

In 1993 or 1994, I attended a small model train meet in Calgary Alberta Canada. Admittedly it was not targetted at the general public. I was disappointed by what was at this show. I thought that the best displays were from out of town (Regina SK and Salmon Arm BC).

Since then, a group has got on the band wagon and has developed a public oriented show called Supertrain( Their first show was in 1995.

In April, I attended their latest show. BIG!! Great layouts (including one from Salmon Arm, but not Regina). Dealers from BC, Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario, and Washington.

Lots of visitors dispite an April blizzard, and a new location two months later than normal. Families, and kids, not just Dad the model railroader. Kids AND Dads that have to be pulled away from one display to move to the next.

I suspect that model railroading is very popular in the Calgary area.

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