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Tis' the season for model trains! Saturday, my wife and I made our annual trip to the Hudson Model Railroad Club open house. The club is on Martin Street in the Hudson section of Plains, appropriately located near the railroad track. The layout is HO gauge, and occupies the entire second floor of the Hudson Polish Club. The layout is freelance, but features recognizable local areas. The club began in Ashley across from the Blue Coal facility in 1980. Here is the link to see the listing of open house dates and times. There is no fee, but donations are welcome.

On Sunday, we drove down to Bethlehem to visit the Keystone and Lehigh Valley Model Railroad Museum. This layout is also HO gauge, and features towns and industries around the Lehigh Valley. It also includes a section dedicated to the Blue Coal Corp, with a scale model of the Huber breaker. This is a must see for history and railroad buffs. The layout is expansive, with well lit wide aisles and intricate detail. It is on two levels. Here is a link to the club…

Also in Bethlehem, just a few blocks north on Mecada Road off rte 101, is the Black Diamond Model Railroad club.

The Anthracite Model Railroad Society in Hazleton is also an HO layout.

Here are some photos from the Keystoen and Lehigh Valley layout
The Back Mountain Railroad club at the Twin Stacks in Dallas. I know they had a recent open house, but check out their page for more info.

Just a few pics of the Keystone & Lehigh Valley Club layout.

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