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Assembling my first building (after years away from all this),
I've made a discovery I thought I'd share. I plan to light all
or most of the buildings on my layout and this building (Helen's Kitchen)
does not come with "glass" for windows--probably most
kits don't. My discovery is that that accursed plastic that
stuff is packed in these days when flat parts are cut up makes excellent
glazing for windows. Just glue the pieces behind the window openings.
I also discovered that the various configurations of this stuff also serve well as paint palettes, mixing small amounts of paint, holding small amounts
of liquid glue, cleaning small brushes--well, you get the idea.
It occurs to me that some bottle caps would work well for the
above paint purposes.

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I do not know if I would ever be able to forgive the plastic enough to use it for something good in my layout :mad:

But it does seem like it would be a great idea and look good :)

Lionel has some white plastic that they use on some passenger cars. I wanted to light the cab on my 600 MKT. I used a milk jug with elmers cut to size.:)
Eagle, cool ideas thanks guy :D
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