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Ok I really am not a train guy , but these were given to me as payment for computer work I did for a gentleman. Its a awesome little collection on N gauge locomotives and a few other things. If I had the room and the time I might consider getting into the hobby , but I already have a love of RC trucks. I have great feedback on a few RC websites and will be willing to provide a link to my feedback there. Anyway here is what I have for sale , I would rather sell these all together and I am asking 300 OBO for everything shipped by UPS with tracking provided. All these have never seen rails and are still the packaging.

Life Like #7216 E8 Locomotive
Life Like #7828 E8/9 Locomotive
Life Like #7828 E8/9 Locomotive
Atlas #48914 GP-38 Early Version Norfolk Southern Locomotive
Bachmann H16-44 Diesel Locomotive Virginian
Life Like #7781 N 060 Locomotive
Deluxe Innovations Series 240111 USA 101st Airborne box car
Arnold American Orient Express Box Set
Arnold Southern Pacific Lines Passenger Cars
Walthers Southern Pacific Freight Car
12 Feet Straight Track

I have pictures of these located at:
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you posted less then 3 hours ago, and already bumping? with only 9 views your ad was not seen by many. some members get on after working hours and maybe not every day (its friday). you will need to give it time.

also consider braking the lot up. we don't have wholesalers here (that i know of) that buy and resell models for profit. as is IMHO your lot is hard to swallow.

depending on price i might be interested in track, but shipping probably will will make it not worthwhile for only 4 3ft pieces.
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