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Train power packs are expensive with twin controllers and dual AC & DC accessory voltages. A real used bargain is the MRC D-2000 power pack. It is great for HO and ON30 train sets.

It produces 1 amp per controller side. One side is 6-16 volts DC and 12 volts DC and other side is 6-16 volts DC and 18 volts AC. You can add up to 1 amp load per side. The reason of two sides is it has two transformers inside, one for each side.

The 12 volts DC with nominal 250 ma for the train leaves .75 amps available for 12 volt DC accessories and will operate up to thirty-seven 20ma LEDs for lighting. Most LEDs in street lamps and buildings are 20ma, If using ultra bright 50ma LEDs you can add fifteen LEDs.

The 18 volt accessory side has about .75 amps after the nominal 250ma for the train for 18 volt incandescent lamps. These usually draw 50ma thus can operate up to fifteen 50ma lamps. Light towers usually use 150-200 ma. So with a 200ma light tower, you can use eleven 50ma bulbs.

I find this controller on ebay and average cost in good condition is about $15 to $30. It is noted to be very reliable. New MRC 1278 dual control are $100 and not only produce less power (1.25 amp total), it does not have a 12 volt DC accessory power for LEDs. Only 18volt AC accessory voltage.

Note- Revised. Power pack stated 2 amps and I assume 2 amps per transformer. After placing a resistor load on the transformers and measuring voltage, I de-rated output per transformer at 1 amp each and revised lighting loads. I suspect 1.25 maps could be used from the transformers without damage but accessory voltages are low (below specifications).
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