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Hi....I am new on here. Don't know much about trains- purchased this on a whim years ago and its been used and then sitting on shelf for a llong time. I am more active on RCGROUPS. Here is the description.
Used Railking 2-8-0 train set. This was a RTR set- it is a union pacific steam freight set; comes with steam engine with "loco sound", steam tender tank car box car caboose. has a remote control, and power supply. the engine has smoke system and sound effects. The engine/ work fine; but some of the tracks need work , a couple of couplings on the cars need work also. so the set is sold as is. The cars appear to have various degrees of minor damage; the red car has the doors off missing on one side. the engine is missing a rear traction band on one side main wheel- should be easy replacement. There are 23 track pieces included again some in need of repair.
* price- $170 for the whole thing with shipping, or *FEEL FREE* to pm me your reasonable offer. want to move this out.


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