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Hi everybody,

Since all photos with photobucket are now gone from my old ''Christmas time !!'' thread, it's time to start a new one !
It might be fun to read about the evolution of my Christmas layout, if you check the old thread. (but no pics)

Quite a few things have change in the past few years. I now live with my girlfriend and since we have a nice house, it was time to get my train's stuff out of the closet.

First setup in 2012 :

Upgraded setup with baseboard platform in 2014 :

My old and beloved Lionel 2055 (with my Williams SF in the box):

And now in 2019, I decided to build a proper table train 48x80 :

For easy storage, two independent table section 40x48 are joined with bolts and removable legs are installed with patio's 4x4 socket :

Final setup with an inner 0-27 oval circuit instead of a figure 8 inside, with the attached the trolley ramp :

Final shots :


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That's not a table, that's a fortress! Holy cow, that's some serious construction for a train table! :D Where you planning on something a lot larger on the table? ;)

I have to agree with John... that's a DOT approved for bridges. :laugh:

Awesome job though!

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Thanks for the nice comments !

The tables (should I say) are solid but I have to be careful sliding them on the floor since the legs are only attached to the plastic sockets. I went the modular way for the easy storage.
I might add more units in the future to expand the layout.
I can also disconnect the table by a feet and install some bridges between them, it could be fun.
Speaking of bridge I will get a Lionel Truss bridge next week.

Here is more shots :

My Williams GG1 :

My 2055 this morning :)
In great shape indeed. However a few years ago I did small black touchups and a clearcoat respray over the engine and tender so the paint in not entirely original, but it looks great IMO.

With vintage filter !

Old shots from my previous setup era :

And my first train set I got at 7 years old that start it all. (I don't have it anymore but it's still in the family)

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Hi again everybody,
my trains took a break last year but I decided to get back to the hobby this November so here is my setup for 2021.

First I upgraded my table with a new 2x4 central section,
so the table went from 48x80 to 48x104 inches in length.
Also did some adjustments with the legs supports for better stability.

The trolley ramp was expended to go with the new table size.
And a section was cut from the ramp to let the bridge do his work.

A tunnel at the far end (outer loop) was added and the tracks were expended and reposition a bit farther from the edges.
I used 2 repainted Lionel's portals with my own wood work for the wall side.
I took the best pieces from 2 bag of cheap kindling wood and made small block and assembled them with carpenter glue.

Now my setup is complete but I have a bit of a problem with the night shot photograph to look good so I'll post the finish layout in a couple of days
In the meantime I have a bug with the electrical system !!


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Here is the photos of my completed layout for this December.

A couple of buildings where added as well as a couple of bags of trees and a set of lamp post (cheap dept store Christmas village decoration)
I also added a couple of Lionel bridges and reworked their configuration below the ramp.

And a new boxcar for the occasion !

Enjoy and Happy Holidays !!
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