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0-6-0s are probably my favorites. I like smaller engines and switchers have the most play value given their working couplers on both ends.

MTH with PS3.
Locomotive Transport Train Steam engine Scale model

3rd Rail SP S-12.
Transport Train Locomotive Rolling stock Vehicle

One of three remaining NYC steam engines, the other two being Mohawks.
Transport Steam engine Locomotive Railway Train

A model of that NYC 0-6-0 yet to be built.
Scale model Vehicle

Missing is a K-Line PRR B-6.


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I have a pair which are double headed to a wrecker. First is an MTH premier with ps3 and then a Williams which when I got it was severely flawed...the drive shaft [plastic] was warped which caused the loco to oscilate up and down plus ran way to what to do? I removed motor, drive line and worm gear, installed smoke unit, timing tape on axle gear and appropriate electronics...they puff smoke like working locos, sound from the first sounds like from both...I like em a lot. When parked, Williams is on dead track.


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I have a couple MTH Premier 0-6-0s. One is a C&NW that will hopefully end up looking like Pete's NYC 0-6-0. I have the materials for the relettering, just have to get to it.

I also have a UP 0-6-0 from Atlas and one from K-Line in PRR garb. They are both TMCC.

I like the smaller switchers as I hope to have a close quarters industrial siding complex when I build a layout. The small engines look great, creeping between buildings...

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