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My HO Train Collection (Mostly from the 70's - 80's)

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Here is my train collection, most of it is from the early 70's to the mid 80's, after that I was away from the hobby, until I was able to buy a house that could house my collection and allow me to start building the layout that I've been dreaming of since I was a boy.

I can remember sitting down for hours staring at "the Panhandle" an Atlas sectional track layout from 1972 in a big book of Atlas layouts. It was a folded dogbone with a long yard, and I would imagine running trains around it day after day. I actually still have that plan, and as soon as my wife says that I can have the space, I fully plan on building it.

The first train set that I ever got was the bicentennial set from Tyco. I didn't have the bicentenial engine though, instead it had a "The Rock" engine and caboose. The engine and caboose are long gone, but the three bicentenial cars remain. If Tyco hadn't made so many of them, these cars might be worth more than $3.25

The foreground parlor and coach cars are of the Stasburg Railroad, I picked them up when going to a "Day out with Thomas" event with my son. It's really cool, and if you can get to central PA within a day, it's well worth it

This is an Aethern Amtrak engine from the Late 60's, early 70's. My uncles gave it to me in 1976, and it wasn't new at the time so I don't know the exact date.

These two sets are some of my newer cars and engines. I think the newest ones is from 1996 or so.
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Those are some nice looking trains you have there... I have always wanted one of those Santa Fe sets :)
Yes, I don't think I've seen a Super Chief with an ALCO PA/PB consist before. Those are beautiful, Josh.

Boston&Maine; If you want a Super Chief these days I wouldn't do it in HO though. N scale is the way to go:
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