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My new Game Room and Ceiling train...

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4 months of hard work. Finally complete! Phew!

Here it is:
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Good thoughts, up above...

Not that I know how to spell it, but what exactly are "doilies" used for? You know, those little frilly, lacy things? In my bachelor days, I never saw them ... anywhere. Now, after 10 years of marriage, they're all around the house? What do they do? What function do they serve? And why is my wife's life so much more fulfilled with them around?

Mysteries of the universe, my friends ... mysteries of the universe!

Teej, it would seem we have one of our own to blame for those monstrosities:

"doily (or doilie) is an ornamental mat, originally the name of a fabric made by Doiley, a 17th-century London draper. They are crocheted and sometimes knitted out of cotton or linen thread. Openwork allows the surface of the underlying object to show through. In addition to their decorative function doilies have the utilitarian role of protecting fine-wood furniture from the scratches caused by crockery or decorative objects.":smilie_daumenneg:
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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