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My new Game Room and Ceiling train...

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4 months of hard work. Finally complete! Phew!

Here it is:
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Yeah ... my wife would let me go ahead and do something like that in our house, too ...


Looks like lots of fun ... good on ya!

Good thoughts, up above...

Not that I know how to spell it, but what exactly are "doilies" used for? You know, those little frilly, lacy things? In my bachelor days, I never saw them ... anywhere. Now, after 10 years of marriage, they're all around the house? What do they do? What function do they serve? And why is my wife's life so much more fulfilled with them around?

Mysteries of the universe, my friends ... mysteries of the universe!

Those doilies have a nefarious and sinister purpose my friend. I'd stay clear of them if I were you. You see, women are trained from an early age that if you can train a man to avoid touching doilies and to put the toilet seat down, they can then incrementally gain complete control of their hearts and minds. It is then that they can begin to completely re-mold your life and make you into their personal 'man-bot'. During the next phase of your training, they can stop you mid-sentence with a simple look at a dinner party and get you to chase them around the house wondering what is 'wrong' when some incredibly benign gesture or statement you've made angers them. After 10 years, I'm going to guess you've been thouroughly indoctrinated and no longer stand up to urinate because she doesn't like 'the sound and the mess'. If so, your training is complete. It may be too late for you. I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news. You've part of her coven now.

Though it may be too late for you, TJ, her imminence apparently allows you to play with trains in your spare time, so you've a gracious and merciful queen. Just don't attempt to clean the tracks with one of her doilies or you'll risk an attack. They have a powerful infraction-retention database, claws that eject from their paws and rows of sharp teeth you know. :laugh:

I'd like to respond in full agreement, but "eyes" are watching me, I have chores to attend, and so, I'll only offer this ...

"Yes, Dear ... coming ... Yes, Dear ... I'll be right there."

Dohh!!! :eek::eek::eek:

1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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