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Here she is... This is the friend I found for my AC6000, LOL... I had two locomotives running on the same track for the first time ever on Saturday... I like the subtle differences between the two, like the different horn sounds and the different speed of the bell ringing... Even with speed control, the SD-90MAC is slightly faster... Both engines are around 20 inches long, and the SD-90MAC is about an inch longer then the AC6000...


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It looks nice, but I can't tell the difference. I guess I need steam with drive wheels etc.:D

Go to San diego craigslist and Seach Lionel. Check out the Pacific beach set for 799. Tell me what you think.

I am going to have to see your new puppy run one of these days.

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What's the minimum curve that it will run on B&M? O/54?

Nice big Diesel!:thumbsup:

Look at the cab T man. Also the doors and the vents are different.

And ones missing the flag.:D

The 8561 looks a little longer too.
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