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Trying to sell all my N Scale stuff. I want to move up to HO.

The majority of these were purchased in January. The atlas S-2 Locomotive is brand new mint condition. Its the gold edition one, DCC and Sound Equipped.

The GP-35 is DCC and in good condition

The Dash 8-40cw is DC and in good condition.

As far as the rolling stock the majority of it is micro trains and in excellent condition. Everything in the cases is in excellent condition including the NS 50ft box car. the rest of the rolling stock thats loose is as is.

I also have a bunch of N Scale Magne-Matic Couplers and Conversions, most of the couplers have already been assembled. Theres also the jig in there and the coupler height gauge and NRMA n scale gauge.

Then theres the three power packs I have for sale... Ive had them forever lol.

Also theres the tidy track from woodland scenic

I'd really like to sell it all to one buyer, if someone can come up with a fair offer its yours.


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