This is a lot of N scale stuff, mostly cars with a few engines, transformers and accessories. I know virtually NOTHING about N scale... There is also track and switches with this lot, but most of it looks pretty tired, like it was on a layout and someone just yanked it off... not sure if it has any value, it is included if you want it. The Con Cor Alco PA locomotive looks to be in really good shape, and runs. I believe there is a matched PA 2 in the pictures. The GP7 is damaged, roof missing, but it runs, and the little diesel (LIMA 0-4-0 switcher, Pennsylvania 21) looks nice and runs, though it may have some railing or other damage. I just tested these, and ran them 1ft forward, 1 ft backward on a 2 ft test track. I am sure they could all use maintenance, but they do run. The little Atlas transformer works well, the larger transformer did not pass a voltage check. Happy to answer any questions, make an offer if you want, and take care!
*This has now been listed on ebay, check there if interested. Opening bid $0.99 *