Micro train couplers hoard
Hello, cleaning out boxes and came upon these. There’s a lot here and few dollars cheaper than the internet. I accept PAYPAL FRIENDS AND FAMILY AND CHECKS OR MONEY ORDERS BUT WILL SHIP WHEN CHECK CLEARS. THESE WILL BE FIRST COME FIRST SERVED BY EMAIL TIME AS TO BE FAIR. WILL BE SHIPPED PRIORITY WITH TRACKING. 9.45$

Table 1
ManufacturerPart number Desc. Qty packagesPrice
Micro trains003 12 00133 brown wheels 481$17.00
Micro trains003 42 0514 wheel pass silver1$8.00
Micro trains003 02 032Roller bear trucks med ext. 1$4.00
Micro trains003 02 031Roller bearing trucks short ext. 2$4.00
Micro trains1004Bettendorf low prof. Trucks8$3.00
Micro trains1173Buckeye med. ext. 1$9.00
Micro trains1009Barber l/p trucks2$3.00
Micro trains1032Roller bear. Trucks long ext. 3$6.00
Micro trains1010Archbar short ext. 2$6.00
Micro trains1012Archbar long ext. 2$6.00
Micro trains1052Andrews truck 1$6.00
Micro trains1030Roller bear truck 1$6.00
Micro trains1002Bettendorf ext. cplr. 10$6.00
Micro trains1023Rev. Draft Assembled 6$5.00
Micro trains903Body mount unass. 8$4.00
Micro trains1025Rev. Draft unass. 2$4.00
SOLD OUT!!!Micro trains1027Srt. Shank body mount unass. 0$5.00
SOLD OUT!!!Micro trains1128M-t 7 short shank unass. 0$6.00
Micro trains1129M-t 10 med. shank unass. 1$6.00
Micro trains1130M-t 9 long shank unass. 11$6.00
Micro trains1015-10Body mount wide angle short shank unass. 10pr1$15.00
Micro trains1015-10Body mount wide angle short shank unass. 1$15.00
Micro trains1015-10 BBrown body mount wide angle 10 pr. 2$18.00
Micro trains1015-1016Rev draft short shank unass. 17$7.00
Micro trains1015-10Wide angle short shank unass. 2$15.00
Micro trains
2004Under slung body mount short shank unass. 0$6.00
Micro trains2004-1Assembled 5$13.00
Micro trains2001Under slung body mount unass. 1$7.00
Micro trains1015-1Assembled ready to use 4$8.00
Micro trains1015-1 RDA ASSEMBLED7$11.00
Micro trains1015-1 newReverse angle7$11.00
Micro trains1015-2Ready to use5$11.00
Micro trains1016-1 RDA Reverse draft angle6$12.00
Micro trains1133Bachmann conv. 9722 coupler2$7.00
Micro trains1134Bachmann 9722-1 long coupler3$7.00
Micro trains1029Small parts packet3$6.00
Micro trains1078Stirrups 12001 repl. 3$6.00
Micro trains1079Stirrups 12004 repl. 2$6.00
Micro trains1081Stirrups 12002 repl. 1$6.00
Micro trains1083Stirrups 12006 repl. 1$6.00
Micro trains1089Very brake wheels 13003 repl. 1$6.00
Micro trains921Z delayed uncoupling. 1$5.00
Micro trains308N scale delayed uncoupling 3$6.00
Micro trains1310N scale delayed uncoupling 6$9.00
Micro trains10555 tools in 12$9.00
Micro trains1056Trip pin gauge2$2.00
Micro trains209Washers1$1.00
Kato11-02N scale couplers unass. 5$7.00
Kato9235003Short shank silver unass. 1$6.00
Unimate 1015Rust medium couplers1$3.00
Unimate1000T shank short black couplers4$3.00
Unimate1005T shank rust short2$3.00
Unimate1250Washers fits 00-90 and 1mm 2$1.50
Micro trains
Micro trains2000E8/9 Kato frt &rear6$7.00
Micro trains1021-1022Concor Kato 1500 Ho srt prof. 1pr1$3.00
Micro trains1164Bachmann 8-40c frt & rear3$14.00
Micro trains1151Kato GP38-21$14.00
Micro trains1115Bachmann f-9 a unit metal draft gear box1$7.00
Micro trains1167Bachmann SD40-21$15.00
Micro trains1152RS-3 Atlas black1$15.00
Micro trains1158RS-1 Atlas black 1$15.00
Micro trains1160GEU25B black1$15.00
Micro trains1046MRC Berkshire1$9.00
Micro trains1159Kato F-3 F-7 1$11.00
Micro trains2000-1Kato F-3 F-7 E8/9 PA-1 A Unit 8$7.00
1102Concor PA1 frt&rear 1$4.00