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I have read the manual with no luck in finding the answer. Or I am so NOOB that I dont understand the information infront of me.

I have a NCE twin DCC system with Athearn Blue Box F7's which have been converted to DCC with a NCE D13SRJ decoder. I have also added the USB module and have JMRI running.

What I am trying to resolve now is when I have a train running at some speed on the layout being controlled by Engine Driver on my tablet, when I hit the stop button the train comes to a halt instantly, instead of coasting to a stop. My other decoders such as the loksound will gradually slowdown when I hit the stop button unless I hit it twice for emergency stop. Same with my Tsunami2, it will act the same as the loksound and slowdown more naturally.

What can I do to change the behavior with my NCE D13SRJ so that my trains will slowdown gradually when I stop them?

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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