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NCE Procab potential setup. Will it work?

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I recently got an NCE Procab, but it didn't come with anything but the handheld. I'd like to use it on my layout without buying a Powercab so I think I may have found a solution.

1. NCE Powercab connection panel
2. NCE Powercab connection panel power supply
3. Track power connector from the connection panel

If I plug the Procab into all of this, will it work?
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For your NCE throttle to work you must have an NCE
DCC controller. It comes with power supply. But
you'll need a panel into which your plug your hand
held. It will also have the terminals for your
track connection.

I don't think the items you have posted will
provide you with the DCC controller which is
central to every DCC system.

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