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Need 8 brake cylinders for an Athearn GP

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Need 8 brake cylinders for an Athearn BB GP.
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show me a pic of what you need . I ordered a couple dummy trucks for one of my GP 50`s and will have 2 geared trucks to sell or keep for parts.
Ok got those dummy trucks in today they came with the detail parts for the brake cylinders . they are brand new still hooked to the plastic if you are still in need of them. there is enough to do one complete set of trucks . I reused the ones that came off my power trucks cause I`m sorry like that( if dont have to fool with small parts i wont) LOL.
Tell ya what i`ll do you may have something , someday that i will need or want and you`ll remember that i did this for you . Give me an address and i`ll send to you for nothing except that you help somebody or me the way i helped you out ... hows that sound?

1 - 3 of 10 Posts