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Need a wiring diagram

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I have just put the drive gear and the springs and brushes back on the pancake motor of my tyco Rock Island Line Loco made in Hong Kong. I had to disconnect some of the wires going to the motor and now I don't recall exactly where they go. I don't want to take the chance of burning up the motor as I have put too much time and effort in getting this far. Can someone provide me with a wiring diagram (I don't care if it is hand drawn) as to where the wires go. I have attached a photo of the motor.


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Wiring Diagram

Thanks guys. Using your directions I have the wires in place and the motor is running. All I have left to do is put the truck assembly back into the shell, which I will do shortly. In case you didn't see it, I posted a slick way to put brushes and springs back into pancake motors. It's so simple and once you pull the slack out of the loop you can take your fingers off the brush as it will stay put until you cut the ribbon and pull it out of the assembly.
Wiring Diagram

Dennis, no I was waiting to complete the effort after I got some yard work done. I will compare what you posted vice what I have. Thanks so much for your input.
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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