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Would like your assistance in compiling a FAQ/resource for the site combining all our threads and the great contributions people have made.

If you have made a thread at some point, no matter how small or big, just post it here with the TITLE, link the to the thread, SCALE (or general if all scales) and some category ie engines, maintenance, electrical, etc.

The goal is to make a FAQ / Resource thread we can direct newcomers to as well as help keep the long time members brains from getting fried looking for stuff.


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My initial intro number 142 On page 15! I think the membership was around 800 back then.

Yes ! A good idea, most forums dislike reviewing old threads but I encourage it.
My tags for threads need work.
I'll reserve my spot here.
Lately,I have been reviewing my gallery and posting the url where they are found in the forum.

My Signature Links! Favorites of interest.

Railroad Rob's Pail Full of Train Takes My Photobucket albums
Railroad Rob's YouTube Train Adventures My You Tube Channel
Led refesher 2010
Reverse circuit
How to column Post number 4.
LED Flasher parts for variations
LED Lampost

Threads of interest.


Accessories for the Layout
Junk Box
Motors of the Rue Morgue
259e Revival
Truck study
Strip paint off plastic
Remote Switch History Dates
Smoke unit conversion

Post War
Lionel part dealers
Look at at a Post War Lionel 027 6466X Whistle Tender
6111 Flatcar bracket chipped roof repair
Convert Babe Ruth frame to use on a tender shell
8141t or 8203t sound tender
waste car
wheel puller
022 switch
Revive an old cast engine hint.
Track Cleaning car
Track Difference O/027
Rewire a steamer motor
Clean a motor and e unit
Clean and ID an old engine
Clean Tubular Track
Clean a shell
8315 American
8351 Alco MPC

68 motor car
600 series switchers
2037 and e unit
Make a coal load
tank car modification - sub marine
rusty trucks and frame fix
Accessories thread Lionel Marx and scale items
My How to thread
Mold a part using Bondo
Caboose Mod
caboose roof repair-porthole type
Weathering by Ogage47 Good rust
truck cleaning and trestles
8141 engine
Turn AC motor to DC
Searchlight 3650
Scout 1062
chain link fence
My 2333 intro
currrent 2333 thread by igmuska
Plastic truck repair
Substitue for a seach light car lens
260 Bumper, 90 Control Button
6111 Flat Car Revisited
Metal frame, loads, tank car frame, and a tour car
Using a capacitor for car lighting
Track Isolation
Clean a shell
No 154 Highway Signal
1122 Switch
022 switch
Chain Link fence
Nails as joiners and axles
Joining O to 027 track trick
Tubular Track Mods,isolate rails for operating accessories.
String a crane car 6460
Coupler for a SCOUT lash up.
2333 Ed's diagrams
Test a 70's 8141 chuff sound tender
Chain link ideas from members
E unit repair
Cast boiler strip and paint
Lionel 249 1958
Lionel 250 1957
open a 1015 transformer
239 Scout 1967
Bench test a steam electric motor
675/2025 shell painting
e unit drum
metal frame
Dc motor on AC
OTC CTC Lock ons
Milk car 3412
6019 track
Simple Hows
transformer buzz
smoke conversion kit by erkenband
600 series MKT
Caboose tune up
Metal frames and loads
Aluminum passenger cars
Diesel Horn Picture
Remove the e unit and wire up the motor to run.
Motor setup for bench test.
RCS for 6019
Make a Signal tower
Sound of Steam-70's
154 crossing

Lionel Pre War
610,612 248
Blue Comet by TwoRail
1682 caboose
make a tin roof
track pliers
137 Station
Single axle trailing truck, steamer
224 engine
o21 manual switch
258 pic and thread
259e revival
1668 motor

MTH railsound link
another railsound

490 Loco
999 steam

I went through the 8 pages of 0 threads, I didn't get everything but it is a start.

Installing a flasher into an Amtrak Engine
Loco wipers
Lighting a coach
Mantua side rod wrench and nutdriver
Fleischmann LOCO
Nails for HO flex track
Tyco Tires
Bach DieselHO Macao
0-8-0 Rivarossi
Rivarossi motor replacement
Oregon Rail Supply Signal Light KIt

DC Reverse Circuit
Update a power supply
LED use
LED Flasher
AC Coach Lighting
Bypass the e unit to test AC motor post #30
Test a 70's 8141 chuff sound tender
LED Refresher
AC LED coach lighting
Toy motors
Arc Welder Simulator
The Reverse board revisited in a step by step on how to build
LED Flasher parts to show variations
LED shop Light
End of Line Warning Light
O scale Helix, the ultimate incline

Other Great Contributions
The 1121 switch and bulb discussion
Galoob Micro Trains
How to phase a Lionel Transformer

Epoxy Formula

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Anything you go through the trouble of doing, just take pictures and give an explanation.

For example explain you mountain technique.
I am folowing your switch controller.

Yes I am bumping this thread.

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Can I assume you'd also like internet addresses for information sources? For example, a site with wiring diagrams or parts drawings and lists for locomotives (with engines!)?

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I'm better at "Where to?" than "How to?", at this point. I just dropped a list of my better where-to-go sites in the S scale section, so as not to overload your how-to segment. It's mostly sites I've collected on my AF stuff, but there are also a few general items like how to repair e-units, identify bridge types, etc. Feel free to copy out and repost anything you want to----all those AF repair manuals are at one of the addresses, too.

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DCC Computer Control

This site:
has a push-button link to an excellent site for:

Computer Controlled DCC

information about controlling a small DCC S-Gauge display layout with a DOS computer and Quickbasic, operating the train either around a circle or point-to-point.
1. MPEG Videos
2. Introduction
3. Layout Photos
4. Wiring Schematic
5. Additional Comments
6. Copies Of QuickBasic Code
Appendix A. S Helper Tips For Viewing MPEGS
-- Related Pages -- - G gauge relay & block multi-train systems


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To be ultra conservative he posted a paper article. Quite posssibly unknown to him that paper has pictures appearing daily in another country that his wife would not approve of. I never mentioned it directly till now and the less said the better. He obviously reads the paper since he posted the article.:D
We do want to keep this forum family orientated.
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