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Need Guidance

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I am just getting into trains more or less. I've got my old Marx NYC 4000 from when I was a kid but I am wanting to build a larger layout. I am interested in what kind of track has the best results. I have looked at some of the Lionel stater sets with fast track and a train in the $250 - $300 range. Is this a good place to start or should I just buy it piece by piece to begin with? Will Marx trains work OK with Lionel track or are there problems doing this? Are train shows a good place to buy or can I do as well on the net?

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personally I like buying from train shows... but many people on here will tell you that E-Bay is a good place as well.
I've been buying some Marx Engines off of E-Bay and I like Marx since that is what I had as a kid and the price is usually good. I'm mainly looking to get some advice on some track. What is generally considered the best, and will Lionel track work with Marx trains?
They run on Lionel Plain track. Some don't like switches. The engines bounce over the uncoupler track. Test and learn.
I guess I posted my responses on two threads. Oops.

I checked my Marx engines and about half have the fat wheel. So I am guessing those will be a problem.

Does anyone make track and switches that are Marx compatible? I have a bunch of old track but I would like to get some new stuff to start a new layout.

Or should I just keep my old track for the Marx stuff and start out new with Lionel? Is the new Lionel trains any good? From what I have seen the old Lionel cost more than my truck is worth!

Any opions on the Lionel Fastrack?

Decisions, decisions.
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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