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need help upgrading dc motor on old mantua mikado

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hi guys just joined up.. and about 2 weeks ago started getting into ho trains and old marx wind up o scales.. anyway ,,

I just bought a mint in box old style mantua mikado steamer.. it has the open brush motor and direct drive worm gear right to the drive gear.. I have ran it on my track for maybe 1 or 2 hours so far.. The problem Im having is it will not run at lower speeds.. and when I put my 12 cars behind it it has a problem running even at full speed and slowes it way down..

Im using a bachmann transformer and have bachmann ez track in a large approx 4x8 oval.. my little bachmann 0-6-0 will run it just fine at slow speeds .. but there is no weight to it to pull that many cars and slips.. Is there a new motor I can put in this old Mikado to make her run better.. right now I want to stay with dc seeing that my budget wont allow dcc as of yet.. Thanks a bunch for any help .. Im pretty new and figured some one on here would know how to fix this or at least point me in the right direction.
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i seen it before, i've ordered a few parts from yardbirdtrains, i can say they are great people to deal with from experience. however, they were sold out of the smoke units when i ordered the stuff i ordered.
post a video of it running with that smoke unit. i'm curious how good it works.
thank you very much for the video. i have seen there how to install, was it easy? doesn't look too bad. last but not least, does it smoke that good when it's slowed down ?
thanks for the info. i have had some of the cheaper bachmann 0-6-0 style ho steam engines that were excellent smokers. the smoke units are very delicate and i ruined all of them when taking locos apart for maintnence and stuff, but they did work great before hand.

as far as a resister for the smoke stack goes, i think you are going about it backwards. would prob. be better off to put a resistor going to the motor to slow the loco down that way you still get a bright light at lower speeds and more voltage going to the smoke unit. i also think your loco runs faster than mine with the newer motor. maybe i won't have that issue so much with a stock motor.
oh, i thought you did the motor upgrade too. yardbird also sells a motor with a flywheel for these locos. that would give it the smooth low speed operation you want.
very cool thank you that is exactly what I was looking for too.. I just glanced on his page and after you said this I went and searched and found them .. awesome

when you get it all taken care of pm me and let me know if it was all worth it. i have a blue mantua b&o i might add the smoke unit and motor too.
1 - 6 of 37 Posts
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