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New to forum and train repair. Hi everyone. I am tring to fix my Dad's old Stata Fe 8020 engine. The one of the pinion gears keeps binding up (getting of its peg support). I found replacement for $1 plastic. Should I look for metal ones (orginal plastic)? The mounting hole looks as thou it got worn over years of use and that is why the gear comes off its support.

Anyone have a similar experence?

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Visiting the Lionel site. Check out the service documents and see the supplementals. Download 1-9. The 8020 is on page 30 and the motor is on page 377.
The problem is the plastic sides of the motor. All you can do is replace the whole motor or find a pin to replace the plastic pin with the new gear in place you can grind the post flat and drill through. Insert a steel post all the way through and epoxy it into place. I do not know if the motor is in the way. I don't have one in front of me.

The 8020's are still relatively inexpensive on ebay. Buy and replace.
Gears are always stress points and difficult to repair. Look for a better engine chassis.
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