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Hello All; help please?

I'm looking for Three AHM Rivarossi parts, as well as Mantua Camelback 0-4-0 parts. They are:

AHM/Rivarossi Parts
1: A New York Central J3a (unstreamlined) Smokebox front.

2: An IHC 0-8-0 Smokebox front (bell and feedwater heater attached).

3: An IHC 0-8-0 Motor (1972 run, with a gearbox and half-shaft).

Mantua Camelback 0-4-0 parts (Restoring locomotive; looking for original Mantua parts):
1: a Single Airtank

2: a Headlight

3: a Dynamo

4: Railing and Hanger Pins for the front of the boiler.

5: Railing for the firebox.

These are the parts I'm in need of most right now. Ebay is a mess, and Facebook tried but missed. Any help is welcome. Thank you and have a good day/evening.
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