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Needing a Lot of Help

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I have an HO train layout in my garage, which has a roof that is caving in. I want to keep running model trains, but the only space I have available is in my bedroom. The available space is roughly 36" by 56". Should I run an HO layout, or downsize to N scale? What kinds of layouts should I consider? Thanks so much for any help!

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Welcome...when I had a space problem, I came up with this...

...that's four independent loops of track in a space roughly 42" x 54". Three are done in flex track to 20", 18" and 12" respectively with a loop of Marklin sectional track. It's a hoot to watch in action, enough that, even if I had a bit more space, I'd likely not change it. As tight as that upper loop is, most Athearn diesels can traverse it with little more than a growl.

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Welcome to the forum:thumbsup:

I have a power pack for each loop but you could run all four off of one good quality pack with a high amperage. I prefer the controllability of 4 independent packs for the variety of locos I run, opposing directions (though that could be fixed by simply reversing your track feeds) and the speed control, i.e. trolleys are much slower than passenger trains, etc... The three rail loop is pre-war Marklin that uses 30v AC so that had to be taken into consideration as well.

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