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Needing a Lot of Help

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I have an HO train layout in my garage, which has a roof that is caving in. I want to keep running model trains, but the only space I have available is in my bedroom. The available space is roughly 36" by 56". Should I run an HO layout, or downsize to N scale? What kinds of layouts should I consider? Thanks so much for any help!

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...that's four independent loops of track in a space roughly 42" x 54". Three are done in flex track to 20", 18" and 12" respectively with a loop of Marklin sectional track. It's a hoot to watch in action, enough that, even if I had a bit more space, I'd likely not change it. As tight as that upper loop is, most Athearn diesels can traverse it with little more than a growl.

I've been roughing out a couple of designs similar to this for my first layout. There is a local garden railroad layout that I really like because they can get 4 or 5 separate trains running on different tracks. In your example above, do you need four separate transformers or power supplies, one for each track? I haven't really started studying the power requirements yet, but I want to be able to run multiple trains on independent tracks like on your layout.

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