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My brother passed on and left an enormous amount of American Flyer and Ho train items. I need some help in learning what I have and if they are from kits or if they are actual train cars which he had purchased. Hopefully someone will be of help here. Thanks so much for any help!

To start, could someone tell me what this is? Is it part of a kit or a part of a train station?


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HI, welcome
It would help if you put a ruler with the pictures.

Hard to tell if it is HO, S, or something else.

That looks like a freight station.

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Our members are very experienced in identifying and
advising on value and ways to dispose of inherited

You would help us if you would post pictures of what
you have.

If any of the items are in original boxes you can use
those to get make and model numbers.

Picture the S gauge items in one group and the
HO items in another. Close ups of the locos would
really help us.

Also, if you are near a hobby shop you should
take the photos there. They may be interested in
buying some items that they can resell and may be helpful
in assessing value.

Unless you have some rare models it isn't likely
that there will be much value.

You might check the 'toys and games' and the 'collectibles'
sections of Craigslist to see if anyone is offering to
buy estate trains.


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Bunky: So sorry for your loss. Welcome to the forum.
As Don suggested, separating the HO from S scale (American Flyer) is a good first step. If there are any gems in the lot, they will more likely be in the Flyer group.

There are certain items that were only made for one year. Those can be very valuable depending on what they are.
I’ve put in a link to an American Flyer value guide.
Our members in the S scale forum can give a lot of help and specific advice.
Best of success in this.

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Hi all. Thanks Dan. I'll check this out. I did separate the HO from the American Flyer trains. There was just so much miscellaneous that are in a pile that I don't know what they are!

Dennis. I'm in Thompson, Ohio. Nestled between Madison, Montville, Ashtabula and Leroy.

Don. Thanks. There's is just too much to take right now. Once I have all the pictures sorted, then I can post them.

Big Ed. Thanks. I'll do that next time.

Thanks all!

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Sorry to hear about your brother.

Are there any hobby shops in your area?

You might visit one (or all) of them, and inquire as to whether the owner is interested in buying collections/estates -- or perhaps the owner will know of someone who does.

This probably won't involve much money (unless there's some really collectible items), but can "take things off your hands"...
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