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New aquistion

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Ok Gang,

I'm going to quit whining about no decals for the Alcos:D I'm running the damn things as is:thumbsup::laugh:

I am really geeked! I picked this up today in a trade

Its already up and running:thumbsup:

Oh yeah, The Texas Special runs great!

However, the Santa Fe powered unit just sits there and does nothing...

It doesn't even hum. Hopefully, all it needs is a good cleaning.

The Marx powered unit makes all kind of noise and sparks, moves a little, then stops. Needs a good cleaning

Anyway, thought I'd share...

Cheers, Ian
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Way to go!!

The unfinished look matches your table.:)

Can't wait to see your next step.

So far I have not got into ALco's I should though! I have enough steam.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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