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New Benchwork pics and...

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...y'all asked for pics of the museum and UP's yard, well, they're loaded in the picture gallery, member galleries.... Umm... look for smokey :welcome: When I have time, I'll go thru and organize and put captions here or there. There were definitely many pics worthy of mention ;)

A whole new train of hoppers, 123 long, all consecutively numbered :eek: !!! (well, somewhat- I'd find strings of three~five cars consecutive, a few scattered here and there, but you could tell they were all the same batch... looked really cool in person but was hard as hell to capture on film....)

I did a drive-by video of the string of unused locos I had mentioned before (haven't loaded that yet...)

A really cool helium car at the museum on (permanent) temporary loan from NASA...

But been too busy to keep it all organized... been working on this:

Hey, y'all with L-girders, what spacing are you using? I'm real happy with how it turned out- gotta be one of my finer jobs :D Everything was double and triple checked with squares before screwing, I even calibrated(!) the angle cutter on the table saw before use- it was quite a bit off.

Anyway... whew... that part's over (actually, I dig every aspect of building, from benchwork to wiring. Each has own special little place in my heart :gotooprah: !!!!!! ) But, now I can throw the wood on top, mark out my track and cut 'er out...

Oh, and speaking of that, I've half-*** settled on a layout, but anyone here really enjoy drawing out layouts? Anyone care to make any submissions? You would always certainly get credit :worshippy:

The table's 6'x12', HO scale. I do have some minimum requirements here and there, but if anyone's interested, we can discuss details then.

Anyway... whatchy'all think?!

And don't forget to go check out my pics. I said I'd bring y'all some back- how's about 140 sound?!

Okay... enough yap... back to work :D


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I enjoy looking at your train yard pictures so much, LOL... From my detective work I have concluded that you drive a Chevy pick-up, I wonder what gave it away :rolleyes:

Anyways, that bench is looking good too... One question though, it looks like a few cross-beams are shorter that all of the other ones, how come :confused:
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