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Running the 4x8 x 4 x4 Armodilloville was becoming more of a chore than a pleasure. Long story short,
I cut the twice around in half and the L extension off, compressing all structures and accessories back into
the 4x8, or off to eBay, whichever came first. Also, I didn't fancy another trite oval, I wanted train movements
to conflict with each other, forcing the operator out of his chair and make adjustments. Total reliability was
also a prime goal. I run, what a lot of people might rightly call, Old Junk. Some kitbashed stuff, some Tyco,
some old BB that has been cobbled back together. Stuff you'd find in the dollar bin shoved under the
dealer's table.

So there are two separate electrical ovals, one transposed offset to the other, interchanged with two diamonds.
A third diamond allows switching to a spur, and is a real space saver. To reduce probability of derailment,
particularly in that my fleet is not state-of-the-art, the number of points was reduced to a minimum of two.

Works nice. Two train operation using Poor Man's DCC and bargain box specials. 馃檪

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