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Hi everybody, I'm Dane, and I'm gonna take another shot at model railroading:D . I already know Its gonna be HO, set in the mid 50's and i think it will be built of mostley code 100 track. How do I already know, well, when i was 12 i tried model railroading, but did just about everything wrong:eek: . after a year i gave up, and decided later in life when i'm more mature and I actually have money, ill give it a shot again.

Well, I'm 19 now, and ready to give it a shot:D I have actually done some reading and watching of videos, and I still have everything from my last atempt, thought the engine i have must be from the 70's or older:eek: , I'll post a pick this weekenof what i have mostly engine wise, and i have roughly 4 engines for 1 car:rolleyes: .

I'm first gonna start out on a small peice of would, just to get back into the hobby, i think its only 1' by 2 1/2' , so its just gonna be a small switching setup, but it'll be a good way to get into it again, and its gonna be DC, since so many of my engines are old.

And i bit about me, When i was young I grew up in the small town of Durnago, Colorado, and if you know your narrow gauge RR's, Its the same town that has the Durango and Silverton RR(it went by my house, school, McDonalds) and i have some model cars from there as well. I have always wnated to make a layout, and now i finally have time and money to give it a shot

and sorry for the long read:eek:
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