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My wife and I have joined our collective collecting efforts. She collects Dept. 56 1:43 ish scale lit buildings. I have a good collection of 1:43 scale cars, Vanguards,Minichamps and others. We have decided to no longer display them here and there but design a "city" at least 4' by 8'. The whole idea seems to need at least 1 O scale train set, possibly also a city tram type streetcar down the middle street.
I have some start up questions...
I have seen a couple of train set ups years ago but noticed that the trains were not too reliable, they had to be figited with and appeared to be more problem solving that fun. For example, the Lionel Hogwart Express, if you set it up, would it run problem free ?
Does the Hogwarts Express have good sound effects ? If not, what is the suggestion ?
Has anyone concidered placing mirrors at the "far end of town" to duplicate the size of the display ?
Any help would be appreciated.
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