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New Haven boxcars... "Weather or not"

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Circa 1950's
Script and McGinnis.

In 1955, the orange McGinnis scheme replaced the familiar script lettering.
There were many paint variations throughout the McGinnis period, (including black w/red doors) but the orange cars are more clearly etched in my memory.

After many years, some McGinnis cars became so decrepit, they were actually rotted through in spots.

Ironically, there were some Freightcar Red gondolas emblazoned with the slogan, "Weather or not... Go New Haven".

Kadee & Accurail:

Transport freight car Train Rolling stock Vehicle

Transport freight car Rolling stock Vehicle Train

Orange Transport Vehicle

Transport freight car Railroad car Rolling stock Vehicle

Transport freight car Railroad car Rolling stock Vehicle
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A check of my rolling stock inventory reveals that over 60% of my roster is comprised of NH, NYC, & Pennsy.
Of those, about half are New Haven.
I guess my early modeling years were highly influenced by what I actually saw the most of on local rails.
It wasn't 'til we moved to the Carolinas that my roster became more inclusive.
Lately, my favorite boxcar of all time is the NP Yin-Yang,

Transport Rolling stock Vehicle Train freight car
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My first kit was a Roundhouse McGinnis caboose...
My dad would drive me to club meets in New Haven, and I bought it there with saved allowance money.
I gave it to my grandson some years back, and he still runs it behind his NS freights.
It's apparently a nostalgic piece for him as well.
An old Accurail:

freight car Railroad car Transport Rolling stock Train
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