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Just wanted top say hi and show off my small train set.

I do have a question about the Baltimore & Ohio Boxcar with Steam Railsounds 6-16639. I picked it up at a flea market last summer for $10. I followed the instructions on hooking up the horn button but I don't think it works correctly. The horn stays on all the time. When I push the button the everything including the train stops. Is this correct?
Thanks for your replies.
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yes that list as a 2-4-0 w/t #8706 tender.... 1991

Plastic shell?

Is that the transformer that came with it new??
Is that the transformer that came with it new?? <***> A copy and paste................:rolleyes: I will add another????? to it.:laugh:
Well I bought it through a guy I worked with back then who's dad work for Lionel. I bought it and a large scale Disneyland 35th Anniversary train at that time. I don't remember what I paid for the two sets, somewhere around $250. I haven't taken the Disney train out of the box yet.

Is this the Disney one?
Originally made in 1990. Large scale. Rare, especially brand new in it's original box.

• 0-6-OT locomotive in dark green, red, & gold colors with the Disneyland 35th Anniversary logo, featuring an operating headlight, brass accents, puffing smoke, & remotely controlled forward & reverse.

• Jade green wood-sided gondola with metal truss rods, brass brake staff, arch-bar trucks with operating knuckle couples, & Disneyland 35th Anniversary markings.

• Red caboose with track powered illumination, opening door, brass accents, jeweled marker light, & Disneyland 35th Anniversary markings.

• Mickey Mouse & Donald Duck figures come along for the ride.

• 12 curve tracks forming a 4.3 foot outside diameter circle

• UL listed transformer with lock on & wires, featuring DC current for train operation & AC current for accessories.

• Instruction booklet

Playset Toy Train Fictional character Action figure

Some one is asking $300 on Graig's list.:D
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1 - 3 of 16 Posts
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