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Just wanted top say hi and show off my small train set.

I do have a question about the Baltimore & Ohio Boxcar with Steam Railsounds 6-16639. I picked it up at a flea market last summer for $10. I followed the instructions on hooking up the horn button but I don't think it works correctly. The horn stays on all the time. When I push the button the everything including the train stops. Is this correct?
Thanks for your replies.
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Here is what I have:

Here is the instructions:

Hopefully I have it correct. The Transformer is a #4660
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Thanks That makes since now. I do not know the model number of the engine since it is old and the box is gone. Looks like I need to get a new engine and trasformer if I want it to work.
Thanks, it has been a long time since I have played with trains.
There are no numbers on the engine at all. The coal car has the numbers 8706 if that means anything. The only markings on the engine are A.T. & S.F.
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yes that list as a 2-4-0 w/t #8706 tender.... 1991

Plastic shell?

Is that the transformer that came with it new??
Yes. The train came with an oval track and 3 cars plus the coal car. The other 8 cars I got from the earlier mentioned flea market at $10 apiece. I picked up the figure eight and some extra straights at the local hobby shop.
Here is the motor. looks like I got some rust to clean up.
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Well I bought it through a guy I worked with back then who's dad work for Lionel. I bought it and a large scale Disneyland 35th Anniversary train at that time. I don't remember what I paid for the two sets, somewhere around $250. I haven't taken the Disney train out of the box yet.
Is this the Disney one?
Originally made in 1990. Large scale. Rare, especially brand new in it's original box.

• 0-6-OT locomotive in dark green, red, & gold colors with the Disneyland 35th Anniversary logo, featuring an operating headlight, brass accents, puffing smoke, & remotely controlled forward & reverse.

• Jade green wood-sided gondola with metal truss rods, brass brake staff, arch-bar trucks with operating knuckle couples, & Disneyland 35th Anniversary markings.

• Red caboose with track powered illumination, opening door, brass accents, jeweled marker light, & Disneyland 35th Anniversary markings.

• Mickey Mouse & Donald Duck figures come along for the ride.

• 12 curve tracks forming a 4.3 foot outside diameter circle

• UL listed transformer with lock on & wires, featuring DC current for train operation & AC current for accessories.

• Instruction booklet

View attachment 1063

Some one is asking $300 on Graig's list.:D
Thats the one.
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