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New (old) layout/track issues

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First, Hello, I am new to the forum and excited to get back into HO railroading. I started as a child and most of my stuff has been in boxes for the last 20 years.

I picked up a free layout off of the other day. It is from the 70's and works ok. I am having some issues with the switches and needs some help. The swiches are clicking back and forth but are not switching the tracks. The track parts stick due to friction and oldness. Would graphite be the best solution? Also, I am having connection issues with a few of the switches. The switch track is O'so close to the main live track line but not enought to keep a good connection. I have added a link to some pictures if that helps. Any suggestions?

Link to pics
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Will the track switch by hand with the switch?

For freeing up old stuck stuff I like "PB Blaster". Spary in a contaner then use a tooth pick to put it where needed.
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