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Detail nitty-gritty
Roll-quality gets insane.

Tangent cars are near legendary for roll quality. Their wheelsets and trucks are superb.
Now they've upped their game with a line of super-premium trucks to go with their already outstanding product lines.
January release date.

50 ton ACF cast steel.
ACF ride control.
70 ton Barber.
100 ton ASF.
100 ton Barber.

* Wheel flange options for each type: Standard .110", or Semi Scale .088".
* Separate brake beam parts.
* Each available with rotating bearing caps (Timken or Brenco).
* Spare caps available.

Game controller Technology Vehicle Car Electronic device

Bumper Auto part Metal

Auto part Wheel

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Received my order today.
Not as roll free as I was under the impression.
The Bowser trucks on a recently purchased set of spine cars roll way far better than these Tangents.
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