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New to HO Scale

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Hello I am building an HO layout 96"x170". Ho is new to me. I have an O scale layout and I have done a G scale Guarden layout as well. I guess to start out I want to keep the scale as real as possable. I understand that 83 scale track is the closest to the real thing. I am looking for a good manufacture? same with Engins and rolling stock? I noticed some Ho's have different couplers. Can you equip one kind of coupler on any brand of car? I am not real familiar with Ho Products yet. Any input will be very helpful, also If you know of any web sites please let me know. Thank you for your time.
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Ho all the way!

Hi John,
Welcome to the wonderful world of HO trains. Les is right about the Kadee Knuckle couplers on new or present Locomotives and rolling stock. The old horn hooks are being phased out on Higher quality RTR Trains. One of the first things that was suggested to me many years ago was to grab a Walthers HO reference guide and some Kalmbach publications(Model Railroader magazine) and do a bit of research into what your layout,locomotives,rolling stock,track(code 83), buildings,figures,vehicles and scenery might consist or look like. Blend in a little imagination and start from there. Do you have kids? They just love being included in the process. Just on shear scale alone your layout in HO will have more space, detail, etc. then you would have with O or G scale. You have certainly found a good group of guys to help you with any questions. Good luck!:thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:
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