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New to HO Scale

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Hello I am building an HO layout 96"x170". Ho is new to me. I have an O scale layout and I have done a G scale Guarden layout as well. I guess to start out I want to keep the scale as real as possable. I understand that 83 scale track is the closest to the real thing. I am looking for a good manufacture? same with Engins and rolling stock? I noticed some Ho's have different couplers. Can you equip one kind of coupler on any brand of car? I am not real familiar with Ho Products yet. Any input will be very helpful, also If you know of any web sites please let me know. Thank you for your time.
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.... kaDee brand they are the best knuckle couplers out there in most modelers opinion (some will differ). The old hook horn couplers are obsolete. I don't think they come with any cars now....
Wrong Lester... I just bought out of internet two brand new Model Power wagons... and, at my surprise, they are Hook Horn ! So I would guess that "TOY" train :D are with Hook Horn and real hobby train are with Knuckles. You have guess right if you think most brand today are more hobby oriented !

Huuum, went I say Toy train, I ment those barely ressemblant of what should be a close that look like a wagon. :thumbsdown: BUT, you can easily let them in the hands of a 3 years old witout fear because there ain't nothing to break on it.:thumbsup:

Oh, yes... Kadee Rules !!
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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