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New to HO Scale

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Hello I am building an HO layout 96"x170". Ho is new to me. I have an O scale layout and I have done a G scale Guarden layout as well. I guess to start out I want to keep the scale as real as possable. I understand that 83 scale track is the closest to the real thing. I am looking for a good manufacture? same with Engins and rolling stock? I noticed some Ho's have different couplers. Can you equip one kind of coupler on any brand of car? I am not real familiar with Ho Products yet. Any input will be very helpful, also If you know of any web sites please let me know. Thank you for your time.
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Hello John, welcome to the world of HO. You ask about couplers, I say go with kaDee brand they are the best knuckle couplers out there in most modelers opinion (some will differ). The old hook horn couplers are obsolete. I don't think they come with any cars now. Most knuckle couplers will work together. Kadee makes couplers for about any application you can find. As far as manufacturers go there are several good ones. I would suggest Proto 2000 for power and rolling stock. I doubt any one would find fault with that. Have fun you will be amazed at what is available in HO.
Wrong Lester... I just bought out of internet two brand new Model Power wagons... and, at my surprise, they are Hook Horn ! So I would guess that "TOY" train :D are with Hook Horn and real hobby train are with Knuckles. You have guess right if you think most brand today are more hobby oriented !

Huuum, went I say Toy train, I ment those barely ressemblant of what should be a close that look like a wagon. :thumbsdown: BUT, you can easily let them in the hands of a 3 years old witout fear because there ain't nothing to break on it.:thumbsup:

Oh, yes... Kadee Rules !!
Just make sure you notice I tried to stress that it was my opinion and probably the opinion of most modelers I know.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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