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I am wanting to start a HO layout but I have no clue where to start. I refuse to buy a complete set because I heard the power supplies and the engines are junk.

I am wanting something in the E7 or E8 or FT engine styles and I like the Bachmann and Proto 2000 brands. I am wanting to start with a passenger train and later add a Northfolk Southern freight.

I dont know exactly what I need as far as the best engine for the price, DCC, and sound. Is it better to buy a engine with sound and DCC equipped or and engine that is DCC ready and add a sound system.

Basically I want this....
Click here to view the train
and I need to know what I need to get the sound and light control.

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Welcome to the Forum. I watched the video and it's a nice liitle engine.

The company is Broadway Limited and from visiting the site the engine came with those features. U tube listed the manufacturer. Why add on, when you can buy the whole package?

Any other ideas?
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