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new to trains

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this is my first layout and trains,i started with a life-like i got from pawn shop wasnt impressed much so i bought the atlas and stuff today was red tagged so got both at a great deal.[URL="
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i would not use plaster of paris for that. instead several matches/square dowels adjusted to support but not lift the hanging track more. then fill them with the tiny foam chippings of which i think you have a garbage bag full and/or joint compound/ drywall mud(the dowels become your guides for the perfect level) - much easier to sand.
plaster of paris will be hard as rock. and noisier. and more expensive actually

also before you do that , verify your trains pass over this hill without scraping their plows on the bottom or cars uncoupling on the crest

oohh!!! also don't forget to plan for expansion. it seems like you might have some room on the right (i'd put a turnout leading outside instead of that tunnel)
it is generally not recomended to do grades in such small room. but if you have to have it, go ahead. i oculdn't have lived with flat layout. from my limited experience grades are about gradually increasing and decreasing and on your picture they do seem a bit abrupt. i wouldn't go for kit. fine tune your slopes with various temporary risers - toothpicks, match sticks, dowels etc.

roadbed is going to help the smoothness, i really like mine. but make sure your slopes work first.
been playing with my bandsaw and built a dock for the lake but not sure i like it
we all tend to be critical of our work. but still, lets see it :D
1 - 3 of 32 Posts
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