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Newbie in need of direction...

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I've been stalking the forums for a while now and I still find myself scratching my head over where to start...I haven't had a train since I was a kid - getting ready to have my first child and I'm interested in incorporating a wall mounted track in our playroom with an exit through the wall into the living area and back into playroom.

That said, it's a pretty basic layout. Circle the room with one switch right, then back in line.

I've read a lot about the new DCC technology and that seems to be the way to go (even for my super basic layout - i'm confident it will expand in due time).

My question is this: Is there a really great DCC starter kit out there that would make sense to buy and build on that or should I just do it piece by piece and lay my track, buy a good controller system, then the loco and cars?

Thanks for any help you guys can provide!
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IMHO, sets don't come with what i consider full DCC system. bachmann system is lacking essential features. but DCC is not a end all be all, get yourslf a usual pack and enjoy railroading. later if and when you feel the need (and understand what you want), get a full featured system.
Once you are comfortable with the Bachmann DCC system, then it is a good time to decide if you want to move on to the more complex DCC controllers or not.
but but at that point you already shelled cash for bachmans offering. why make such poor investment if you know upfront the system is insufficient and upgrade is inevitable? DC power-pack to keep things simple, save up, build up and then jump to proper DCC system. and no less important with proper decoders - bachmann's factory decoders were one piece of frustration. if i ever to buy a spectrum engine with DCC onboard i would factor in the cost of DH123PS (or whatever 8 pin conector equiped chip) into a deal
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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