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Newbie - No model train experience

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I am new to the hobby, well actually just thinking about getting into it. I want to do some N scale stuff (because of the size).

I need to get my frist set, and was wondering what everyone here suggests. What brands are good, and what brands should I stay away from.

Any suggestions for a newbie would be appreciated.
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Good quality equipment could get you addicted indeed,then on the other hand,sloppy running locos and constantly derailing cars will surely turn you off.It would be an easy answer to tell you to stick to the very best (and more expensive) materials but I don't know what you can invest into the hobby.But still,I do suggest that you go for decent brands as you can still get something for them if you chose not to keep on.Cheap brands will not likely find takers.A good choice would be a four axle loco with a few cars,toy with them for a while and see if you like it.Kato and Atlas are sure bets but I've heard very flattering comments about Proto series locos.Athearn also offers a few diesels that I believe are quite nice.A notch lower would be Life-Like and Bachmann Spectrum.Stay away from regular Bachmann stuff,these are hits or miss so test before buying.
But whatever brand you chose,make sure it is "DCC ready" so that if you decide to go DCC you'll be half way there.If it doesn't say "DCC ready" on the box,it's not and has much less value.
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