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Newbie to model Trains

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I'm 64 years old and have been interested in Model trains for quite some time. When I was very young I had a Lionel train set and remember many hours playing with it. Later in life I was interested in learning more about trains and would like to set up a train system to set up for Christmas for the grand kids. Preferably some sort of portable setup. A couple of years ago I purchased a IHC locomotive and some cars to set up under the tree. Unfortunately the train fell off a table and was destroyed. This year I purchased a Mehano locomotive and discovered the couplings are different than the ones on the cars I already have. That being said I know nothing about the different types and all the things I need to learn about model trains and hope I can learn a lot from the knowledgeable folks on this forum.
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There are various types of couplings as you
have found. To help you, post a picture of
the coupling on the Mehano loco and another
pic of the coupling on one of the cars you have.
Our members will then be able to tell you
what to get to make them work together.

There are couplers available that can put your new loco
on track with your old cars.

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