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Hello everyone! I'm going to start building a layout very soon, and was curious about a few things before I got started. My first question is about track. This is going to be my very first layout (First serious one, anyway), and I don't want to bite off more than I can chew and choke on it. I've seen quite a few good layouts on the Thor Trains website link from another thread, and I'm pretty sure I'm going to go with a variation of one. I don't want to do anything with a lot of sidings or switches, and want a full circuit. My biggest question right now though, is track. I have a fair amount of Bachmann EZ Track, and then some...well, I suppose it's just regular track. I like the EZ track for its simplicity, but I want to make a permanent layout, and kind of feel that the track without a bed might be better in the long run. What are your thoughts on the tracks with pre-built beds against the ones without? And better yet, what is the actual name for each type, so I can stop bumbling around with made-up names?

Also, I have a turntable that I bought when I was 7 years old that I've been dying to use in a set, which is not compatible with EZ track. Please lend me your advice and knowledge on what I should do!

EDIT: Heh, perhaps I posted in the wrong section, or am asking something dumb. I just don't want to start doing something I haven't done yet and try to do what's too big for me right now.
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