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Hello all

In previous posts I mentioned that I had a small toy Lionel engine that was not working.

I took it apart by removing three rivits that held the housing together

There is a small 1/2 inch long 5/16 inch in diameter piece of plastic that connects the motor to the gears. this piece of plastic has a small round hold in the end that connects to the small round motor shaft (must have been glued )
in the other end is a small rectangular hole that the first gear fits into.

at first the gears would not turn and I noticed that the grease was al hard, and the piece of plastic was loose and split where it connects to the motor, thus no movement.

I will have to clean up grease and regrease the gears.

What kind of grease should I use??

I will post pictures over the weekend, hopefully

That's all for now


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Lots of guys use white lithium grease. You can buy a small tube of Lionel-brand grease from your local hobby shop or online suppliers. That said, I don't think the specific type of grease is super-critical for your gear casing ... do you have any grease on hand?

You might first clean out all of the old grease and then try to super-glue the plastic piece back on to the motor shaft first (while everything is clean / greaseless). Then after that drys, go ahead and grease.


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A, I think any lightweight grease will do. I normally use white lithium, but I think the critical issue is fresh, clean grease instead of no grease or old, hardened grease. I still have some teflon trailer-hitch grease in one engine that I used when I couldn't find the lithium, one night. *L* The locomotive was happy with it!
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