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Oil those trucks!!!!!

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Ok I know this is cheesy, but I am late into the game on Trains... since Dec 2019.... and learning a lot.
this is one thing I didnt see mentioned much; however, I have seen people pull tons of cars, and I just cant... whelp this is interesting...

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You don't see it mentioned much because most modern rolling stock doesn't need to be oiled. Menards does and as you found out, so does postwar.
ahhh nice... ill get to modern rolling stock, when the prices hit post war... LOL..

im thinkin of using WD40 Lithium grease instead of oil.. i think oil will catch dust/lint and wear off sooner...
Wheels don't always squeak for oil. I saw a passenger set drag so much the owner thought he needed more feeder wires.
The wheels could hardly spin. An easy fix if you look for it.
true.. but its a start...hah...
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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