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Old Walthers Kits

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Just found out while putting together an older Walthers kit (53 ft GN flat car), the parts sprues have "Made in Denmark" stamped on them.....

I never knew that, before China, Denmark was making model train stuff.... who knew....:eek:
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I think the Walthers Brach's Candy hopper I built recently was also stamped from Denmark.

I bet most items that we see that are stamped from Denmark are Heljan produced, but I've not seen any firm evidence regarding US prototype models. A fair amount of ConCor product was Heljan produced, but I don't recall if that extended to rolling stock or if it was just structures.

I think Heljan moved production to China, but I'm not sure when or how much.

My family is half of Danish heritage, so I'm always interested in anything Dansk.
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