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The situation:
I currently have it wired into 4 blocks counting the 2 sidings. My Bachmann Spectrum F3a has no issues anywhere on the track. I have a, AMH Pennsy Diesel, Riverosi 0-4-0T and a Mantua 0-4-0 (pick-ups in tender and engine) that will stop as soon as they hit the block farthest from the transformer. If I pull the steamers 3-4 feet down the line they start to run sluggishly and then a foot later they are fine.

My Layout:
I am currently running DC. The track is Atlas code 100 NS flex track. There are some NS Atlas snap track pieces used in one of the hills (not the area with an issue). The track is clean. I am using Bachmann power supplies. The section that has an issue starts with a switch. At no point in the layout are there any reverse loops. As stated prior to this the Spectrum engine has no issues. All other blocks work without issue.

What I have ruled out:
- Polarity can not be crossed since the spectrum engine works.
- I do know that the spectrum is draws less current (transformer does not get as warm when that one is running).
- A wiring is soldered to the track, I doubt there are loose connections.
- All older engines have the issues.
- The AMH has allot of run time, I have replaced the brushes and cut the com as far as it can be cut. Drives rough do to worn gears. (old work horse).
- The Riverosi and Matura run like new on any other track.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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